Saturday, March 20, 2010

Best Software to Organize Your Desktop - Fences

This is the best free software to help you organize your desktop. This software is extremely useful for those who like to organize their stuff in Windows Desktop. If you are the one who like to create a lot of folders, documents, program shortcuts and many other stuff in your desktop, this software is definitely for you. This software is called "Fence".

There are the the options that I choose during the installation:
  1. Select "Start Using Fences" in the welcome screen.
  2. Select "Sort out my Icons" in the layout screen.
After installation, you're required to restart you computers and you will see the following "Fences" in your desktop such as QuickLinks, Files & Documents, Recent Things, Programs, Web Links and Folders.

Notes: Please take note that this software only reogranize your stuff in the desktop. It is not as smart as you think. For example:
  • "Recent Things" is not auto. It is probably auto for the first time installation to give you a kick start to organize your desktop.
You can re-size the "Fence" and move around them in the desktop. However if your background is black for example, you may not able to see the "Fence" at all. In this case it is very hard for you to move around and re-size them. What you need to do is change the "Background Style & Color":
  • Right click your Desktop and click "Configure Fences..."
  • Go to "Customize" and increase the "Brightness"

Once I have done moving around the fences, I usually revert back to original as I prefer the "Fences" to be invisible. :)

I think the "Recent Things", "Web Links" and "Folders" fences are pretty useless to me. Therefore, I have removed them and create my own fences such as "QuickLinks", "Tools & Utilities", "Programs", "Games", "File & Documents" and "Unused Programs".You can play around with your own...

P/S: I don't really put a lot of stuff in my desktop. Perhaps with this software, I should change my mind?


Garfield said...

among all the things that M$ copied for their Win7 from KDE4, they did not copy this 1

anyway, KDE4 ones do have automatic updates on it components


ChampDog said...

Oh, KDE4 has this by default? Cool...

Garfield said...

but M$ is stupid to not copy this part, since they are copying the whole KDE4.

maybe they dun wan to show too obvious that they copy KDE4

teamoreview said...

This is a very good software,thanks for share it's a great article...

ChampDog said...

You're welcome! :)

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