Sunday, July 10, 2011

Best Free Watermark Software from TSR

 I know I may be too bias because I just tried 2 watermark software that recommended by my friend. Obviously TSR is the winning! But still this is the BEST free watermark software that I have tried. lol

Well, 2 key things I like about this Watermark freeware from TSR:

  1. I can watermark many photos or pictures at once automatically. I used to manually open each single picture or photo to perform the watermarking by myself using MS Paint. Stupid isn’t it?
  2. I can customize the watermark such as transparency percentage & color of the watermark, watermark location, and customized watermark image.

The default setting is not really useful. So, after you make the changes to the software you will need to save the setup file (i.e. WMI) or else all your settings will be lost! You just need to go “File->Save Setup As”. You can save as many as setting as you wish and you can later open it.

I also don’t like to resize the image so I uncheck it. I like to use 70% transparency and location at the lower right. I also uncheck the “Add Border” which is enabled by default.  I also use text as I don’t have the watermark image yet. Anyway check out the before and after image below!

Original Picture

After Watermark


Is it cool? Or the lizard is cooler? lol. Opps… I just realized I forgot to at the link. Here you go, you can download this free watermark software from TSR Watermarker.

This piece of awesome software is developed by Anders Pedersen and it is only FREE for PERSONAL USE. Enjoy!


Mark said...

It looks easy, nearly completed my blog. Useful tips .

POS Equipment said...

An informative blog with full of knowledge on watermark software. Lizard is cooler... ;)

ChampDog said...

Agree with you, the Lizard is cooler! lol!:)

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