Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Best Way to Reduce Memory Usage for HTC Device

A very funny about Windows Mobile or probably due to the HTC device itself is that memory usage is damn high after using the device for sometimes. Is this a memory leak issue? Why don't you just fix it?

If you use HTC device such HTC Touch Pro, HTC Touch Diamond 2 or whatever HTC models, the memory usage always shoot up to 70% or 80%. So, what you normally do is to reboot your device back to the original memory usage which is usually 50%.

CleanRAM is so far the best product that I have used so far to fix this without rebooting your device. I'm using this very often especially when my memory utilization goes crazy. Therefore, I would recomend this tool if you use HTC products (especially with TouchFLo feature). I do not sure if this generic to Windows Mobile which I'm kind of suspect no. Let me know if this doesn't work on your windows mobile.

Steps to Install and Use the CleanRAM
  1. Install the application and use the default setting (i.e. Level 2 Purge).
  2. After installation, you will see 2 programs (i.e. cleanRAM and cleanRAM Config)
  3. Add clean RAM into your quick program lauch list.
  4. Run the "cleanRAM" program and you will see something like below:

Click here to download cleanRAM and have fun!

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