Monday, September 24, 2012

Android Apps from The Edge is Very Suck!

Specifically the apps are "The Edge Financially Daily" and "The Edge Singapore". It supposes to be a very informative newspaper on financial stuff it ends up totally screw up. Perhaps they hire the fresh grad to implement such application and never properly verify the apps?

The user review for "The Edge Financially Daily", the user review for "The Edge Singapore" is even worst!

It is extremely slow and can't download. Not user friendly... I think maybe this is due to the implementation is not in XML. Anyway, I"m speechless.

P/S: I think the IOS apps version is not very good too, maybe slightly better. The edge, time to improve and act fast!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Solution to Sync Outlook Notes to Android

Unfortunately there is no way you can do that (at the free way), unless you know how, then you can share with me. I was looking for a solution for this when I"m changing my phone from Windows Mobile to Android. The only way that I found is to copy over those notes to simple text and then you can view it in your Android phone.

Step 1: Convert Outlook Notes to Text

You will need to perform a basic virtual basic script to automatically convert the notes to text which I found it from Follow the steps there and it should work. A list of notes in text will be created in your C:\notes folder.

Step 2: Upload to Google Docs

You can then upload those texts to Google Docs and install the Android apps which allows you to sync with Google Docs. Try to search in Google Play Store, you can find plenty of them. I"m using the official "Drive" Apps from Google.

Hope that helps.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Best Free Virtual Desktop for Windows - Dexpot

It has been quite sometime I don't use virtual desktop software (of course in Windows) because most of them are not reliable especially the free version as mentioned in my very long time ago post. :)

This Dexpot Virtual Desktops software is so far I like most. The most useful feature in this Dexpot is the "Desktop Manager". When you enable it you will see something like below and you can quickly switch to different virtual monitors.

It has 4 virtual monitors in total. If you don't want the "Desktop Manager" at the lower right, you can move around it too. Switching speed a little bit lagging as you can see the screen flashing especially you switch to "monitor 1" but I think that is still acceptable.

You can download Dexpot here.

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