Saturday, July 24, 2010

Disable Useless HTC Application for Faster Performance - HTC Diamond 2

In my previous post, I talked about the Best Tweaking Methods to Improve HTC Devices Performance (specifically for HTC Touch Cruise) which may no longer applicable anymore for the latest HTC devices which use HTC Sense (e.g. HTC diamond 2). One exception is that "Disable the Clear Text Fonts" is still useful for increasing your Windows Mobile's performance.

This post talks about the simplest ways to increase your HTC devices performance by disabling those HTC applications that you rarely use in the HTC Sense (i.e. the HTC's GUI).

(1) Disable HTC Weather Wallpaper Animation.

Although the HTC weather animation looks really cool especially when you turn on your mobile, it is also the slowest HTC application that eventually slow down your entire HTC device's performance. Have you ever realized your "Digital Clock" is still flipping extremely slow while you turn on your mobile?  Yes, that is all caused by the HTC weather animation. Once you disable the animation, everything should be fine.

To disable the HTC weather animation:
  • Scroll to "Setting" at the most right of the scroll bar.
  • Click on "Personalize" -> "Home tab wallpaper" -> "Animated wallpaper"
  • Select any animated wallpaper will do.

(2) Disable Useless Application in Home Screen Tab

The optimum performance for the Home Screen Tab is to have 5 HTC application based on my experiment. So, the first tab is "Home" and the last tab is "Setting". So we leave 3 HTC applications to play with. I choose the most frequent used applications which are "People", "Message" and "Photo & Videos" and I disable the rest.

To disable the rarely used HTC applications:
  • Scroll to "Setting" at the most right of the scroll bar.
  • Click on "Personalize" -> "Home screen tabs"
  • Un-select any applications that is useless (or rarely used) to you.
P/S: Disable HTC calender in the Home Screen Tab is a MUST. See my explanation below:

(3) Disable HTC Calender Application is a MUST

HTC Calender application is probably the stupidest application that has ever been designed by HTC. This application is built on top of the default Calender application in Windows Mobile and runs extremely slow while loading your appointment or agenda in your calender (in the Agenda view). So what you really need to do is to disable this useless HTC calender in thee Home Screen Tab - follow the instructions above.

P/S: I didn't show the agenda view because of privacy. :D. The "Agenda View" in HTC calender really sucks! From the home screen, you still can access your calender by clicking on the "Calender" in the middle of the screen and it will bring you the "Default Calender" in Windows Mobile. This default calender runs way faster than the stupid useless HTC calender.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Free Alarm Clock for PC (Windows)

I used to use my phone as an alarm clock until recently I sent my phone to service center. So, I was trying to search for a free alarm clock for PC and I found one!

It is pretty a very simple program and simple GUI. Let's look at the GUI below:

For me the most useful is the Single Alarm, so I just check it and click the "Set Alarms". That's IT! So easy. However, one thing that you may want make sure is your PC won't go into sleep mode after some idle time or else this Alarm Clock won't help.

You need to change your power options (based on Windows 7):

  1. Go to "Start" menu then "Control Panel"
  2. Go to "System and Security"
  3. Go to "Power Option"
  4. Click "Change Plan Setting" regardless of your setting is "Balanced" or "High Performance"
  5. Make sure the value for "Put the computer to sleep" is set to "Never".

It is a freeware and I hope you will find this free alarm clock useful. To download this Alarm Clock, click here.

p/s: Of course if you're using laptop, you need to plugged in your laptop to power or else your laptop may just run out of battery.

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