Saturday, April 12, 2014

Listen Radio Online for Free - TuneIn Radio

Recently I found this app which allows you listening to your hometown radio station online. This is very useful especially if you're in oversea like me and you miss you local radio station very much. You can use this app to browse to your favorite stations and listen them online.

You can also browse to other country's radio stations. Go to browse tab and choose "By Location". You don't need to be physically in that country to listen to their radios. This is really awesome!

However not all stations are working fine. For example, although I can find MY FM in Malaysia radio station, when I try to play it and it gives me this warning "The station is not available". So I guess it is still better than nothing. A lot of stations are still working good.

One more thing you need to be aware of is this app drains up your battery very fast if it runs in your background. I suggest if you don't listen to it, make sure you completely exit the application. Sometimes click on the back button may not work and it still runs in background (although there is no music or sound).

So, my suggestion is just go to "Menu Button" and select "Exit" to make sure it completely exits if you don't listen to it anymore.

Here is the application page in Google Play: TuneIn Radio

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