Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fastest Way to Speed up Windows Mobile – HTC Touch Cruise

There are many ways to speed up windows mobile and particularly to HTC Touch Cruise (I’m not sure if this is generic to every other mobile devices, but you can give it a try), I found that to disable all the button contributes the biggest speedup. So this is what I do in the Start->Settings->Buttons:

I disable all the buttons and set all the buttons to "None". Once it is done, I found that the speedup is tremendous. The only most useful button in my opinion will be the Button 3 - Camera which you can still enable it for convenient purpose while you're taking photo. Hope this tip helps.

p/s: One of the things that I’m VERY NOT satisfy with PDA is the slowness in the software. Disable all the button seems really speedup for at least HTC Touch Cruise device and I hope it is applicable to your mobile device too.

Is TMC.exe a Trojan Horse in MapKing?

If you have been using MapKing 2007 or the later version in Windows Mobile, most likely your anti-virus will detect a “TMC.exe” file as a Generic Downloader.x - Trojan Horse. It is located at:

“Program Files\MapAsia\MapKing2007\TMC.exe”

Apparently it is NOT a Trojan and it stands for Traffic Message Channel which is used to deliver traffic and travel information to drivers. However, if you do not use the traffic service or no such traffic services provider available, you can safely remove this TMC.exe. I personally do not use it, so I will just delete it.

p/s: MapKing is the very popular GPS mobile software in Asia (i.e. Singapore, Malaysia, China). It is not a freeware.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Best Free Video Conference Call Software – Windows Live Messenger

Although I seldom give credits to Microsoft but this one I can’t deny it because I’m an independent honest reviewer. :D

Honestly, Microsoft really screws up in branding. At first, it is called “Windows Messenger” (now still available). Later, it is called MSN Messenger and now it is called “Windows Live Messenger”. What the heck? I think the MSN branding is the most successful branding name. Who the hell people want to call “Windows Live Messenger” instead of MSN? *Sign*

I have been testing Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger and it turns out that Windows Live Messeger is the best. At first, I thought Skype is the best among these 3 as it used to be an industry leader in VOIP technology but it doesn’t seem so. I tried Yahoo Messenger too and surprisingly it is not as smooth as I expected. At last, Windows Live Messenger is the smoothest in both voice and video. Perhaps you have different experiences?

I recommended to use Windows Live Messenger for video or voice chat. In fact, I'm thinking if I should totally remove Yahoo Messenger since now we can link to Yahoo Messenger's friends from Windows Live Messenger. This probably saves up some of the resources.

You can download Windows Live Messenger here.

[Update: 20 March 2011]
I received a feedback from a reader that video conference is in fact many to one and video call is 1-to-1. So technically speaking, this windows live message only supports video call but not video conference.

P/S: My testing was performed on December 2008 and I have been using Windows Live Messenger for Video Conference call since then and do not encounter any major issues until now.

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