Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Structured Web Search by Yahoo

Recently Yahoo introduced a structured web search which is said to be suitable for e-commerce application (e.g. online shopping). However, I can't test it out as it seems like they haven't implemented yet in their search engine. I wonder could it be something similar to the Cluster Search Engine (Clusty). Could it be yahoo steal the concept from Clusty? Maybe something more advance than this?

So the first question you or I may ask, will Structured web Search by Yahoo can beat Google? I honestly don't know because I can't try. They just said it soon to be rolled out. If I want to give my best guess, I will say "No way, Structured Web Search by Yahoo cannot beat Google". Yes, that is only based on my feeling until I really try it out. Maybe I've already fallen in love with Google. Opss...

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Cluster Search Engine by Vivisimo

What search engine you're using right? Google or Yahoo? No need to say much, I bet most of you are using the Google search engine. Yes, I'm one of them.

Today I'm going to introduce you a new search engine that you may have never heard of it before. It is called Clusty. It was originally from Vivisimo company. It is a new way of searching the web. Instead of displaying a million of pages in a long list, Clusty uses a "cluster" concept to group meaningful pages together. Most importantly this cluster search engine helps you find result that you may have missed especially those results appears in the third or fourth pages of your Google or Yahoo search.

This is what you may want to do:
1. Search from Google but can't find what you want.
2. Try it out Clusty, it may hits.

Ok here come a sad news based on my personal experience, most of the case whatever I can't find in Google, I can't find it in Clusty too. Only just once in a while for certain keyword the Clusty gives me a better result than Google. Therefore, most of time I'm still using Goolge Search Engine. Why don't you experience it now? Perhaps you can share the results with me here? Doest Clusty find what you want?

Try Clusty Now! and let me know what you think.

Not to talk about the result, the cluster concept is very impressive. It could be next generation of search engine. Both Google and Yahoo will adopt it one day...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Best Free Anti-Spyware Software Review

When I first got my laptop baby (MS Vista), I'm glad that it comes together with anti-spyware within the Vista OS itself. It is called "Microsoft Windows Defender". So I thought I could save my time not to install any anti-sypware anymore. Something not right after almost a year until today, MS Windows Defender do not catch any spyware threat. Unlike my previous anti-spyware from LavaSoft (Ad-Aware) which installed in my XP catches quite number of threats within a month. I start suspecting this free feature from Microsoft. What a another crap from Microsoft? So, I decided to my little research here.

I do a full system scan on the following 3 free products and here is the result:

Anti-Spyware Program

Number of Threats Found

Ad-Adware (LavaSoft)


AVG Anti-Spyware(GriSoft)


Windows Defender (Microsoft)


Threats caught by Ad-Adware consist of "Tracking Cookies" and "MRU Object" but AVG Anti-Spyware only consist of "Tracking Cookies" but Windows Defender has nothing. Although these threats are not critical but I would prefer my system are 100% clean from them.

Based on my little research here, I would like to conclude that the Ad-Adware from LavaSoft is the Best Free Anti-Spyware. Most importantly, don't rely on MS Windows Defender. If your system resource is not a limitation like my case, I would suggest you to install both Ad-Adware and AVG Anti-Spyware in your system.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Qlock Kicks Out Daylight Saving Wrongly

Yesterday, Nov 4 2007 was the last day of daylight saving in US. However, the Qlock kicks out last week on 29 Oct 2007. I check the Qlock setting and it shows the daylight saving ends at the last Sunday of October (29 Oct) which is wrong. The daylight saving should end yesterday. It looks the Qlock is not that accurate in daylight saving.

Accidentally, I found out a new feature in Vista allow you to add additional clocks. It adjusts the daylight saving correctly. This is what I do:

  1. Click the Time at lower right
  2. Click "Change Time & Settings"
  3. Click "Additional Clock" tab
Here you go, just set the additional clocks that you want based on the time zone. Once you done, move our your mouse and you see the following tooltip:

Then, click the time and see the following:

Is it cool? The only problem is it only able to show 2 additional clocks. I think it still okay with me since I use the third clock (UK) once in a blue moon. This is only available in Vista but not in XP. Now, I start wondering should I uninstall my Qlock? It looks like now I have no reasons to use Qlock anymore in my Vista laptop.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Firewall Blocks File Sharing in Vista

For some reasons, my laptop (Microsoft Vista) unable to share files in my office network. I can connect my laptop to my office PC (Microsoft XP) but not the other way round. Ping is okay but is the file sharing doesn't work from Vista to XP. I have tried couples of steps but no lucks. However, this doesn't happen in my home network where I can share files in 2 ways with my PC (XP).

At last, I figure out the firewall which blocks the file sharing in Vista. I do enable the file sharing in the firewall (that's why I can use it in my home network) and somehow it doesn't allow in my office network. So what I did is to disable the firewall and everything works fine. I just disable the firewall in local LAN network but not the wireless LAN network. It should be quite safe since most of the time I use the wireless LAN network.

I don't know if this is a bug but I believe so since I"m working fine in my home network. So if you encounter file sharing in Vista, for a quick fix you may want to try disable the firewall. It may works. Perhaps you have a better idea even with firewall enabled? I will try your tips then.

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