Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best Battery Maintenance Tips for iPad and iPhone

Since the battery for iPad and iPhone is not replaceable, it is a good habit to make sure that your battery have the maximum lifespan. Here are the few tips that I always follow to make sure my iPad/iPhone has the maximum lifespan.

(1) Disable Location Services

One of the useless features in IOS is the location services. It is only enabled for the rest to track you down. The funny thing is some photo applications also use this service which I do not understand. Probably they just want to track you. The only useful application that needs this service is Google Map but you don't need it unless you want to locate your current position. Let's disable this is you really do not need such service.

(2) Turn Off Push Notifications

This is only useful if you use email or instance message for 24 hours and you want to get notified immediately for any new incoming email or new messages. If you are like me, just to check email once a while, you basically do not need such feature. Let's turn it off if you really do not need it because it consumes power.

(3)  Set Fetch Data Less Frequently

Your email can be set to fetch data at specific internals. As I mentioned above, I prefer to check my email manually. So what you need to do is go to "Settings->Mail, Contacts, Calender->Fetch New Data" and set it to "Manually".Again, you do not need such feature unless you're really an active user of email or you can set it to hourly to save your battery life if really need to.

(4) Turn off Bluetooth, Wifi, and 3G

If you rarely use Bluetooth, wifi or 3G, you should just turn it off. I often use the "Airplane Mode" if needed to disable all these at once.

(5) Reduce Brightness to < 1 Quarter

The brightness of the screen consumes a lot of power. Unless you're really under a sun light and in most of the cases, you can reduce your iPad or iPhone brightness level less than 1 quarter. You can also turning on the "Auto  Brightness" as well.

(6) Turn Off Equalizer Setting

Another useless feature, please turn it off. :) You can set it here in case you do not know: "Setting->iPod->EQ"

(7) Charge Your iPad/iPhone Regularly

iPad or iPhone uses lithium based battery where you need to charge it regularly to keep the electrons inside the battery moving. At least you "MUST" discharge and charge at least once per month. .Please discharge it to less than 20% and then charge it to full (i.e. 100%).

Hope this battery maintenance tips are useful for you and I think this should be the complete one. Please feel free to share with me if you have any other signficant tips to increase the battery lifespan.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Faster GPS Detection Trick Using Garmin Mobile XT

If you have difficulty to get your GPS lock for your Garmin Mobile XT device, then this post is for you. The GPS "very" slow detection problem happens usually when you travel from one country to another. For example - my last visit to Ireland from Malaysia, when I first turned on my Garmin Mobile XT just after my landing at Ireland, it took me more than 30 minutes to lock. What the heck?

The good news if I found a way or workaround to make the GPS lock to be faster. Here you go the trick you can do before you land at your destination:

(1) Click on the “Satellite Status”

(2) Click “Disable” to disable the GPS and click “GPS Info”

(3) After that, click “New Location”

(4) You will see the map. Browse and move this map to your destination.For example, if your destination is at Ireland airport. Move the map as close as it and then click “OK”.

(5) Turn your Garmin Mobile XT off. You’re now all set.

When you turn it on later at your destination, the GPS detection should be a lot more faster (e.g. less than a few minutes). This is how I work around for getting the GPS faster detection. I”m not sure if other Garmin devices have such problem but this definitely works for Garmin Mobile XT (i.e. mobile version of Garmin). If your Garmin devices have such "very" slow GPS detection problem, you can give this method a try. Good luck!

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