Sunday, February 16, 2014

Small Space Clock Widget for Android

The default clock widget in my phone uses up a lot spaces in the home screen especially you put in the weather information in. I'm not sure why they design such a lousy clock widget that eats up whole bunch of spaces. I really don't like it, the clock widget should just utilize the home screen as minimum as possible.

So I found this cool clock widget application - "Transparent Clock & Weather" by Droid27 and it meets exactly what I want.

See my phone screen below, you can see it fully utilizes the spaces on top of the screen. Cool, isn't it?

It has the weather information with the clock. If you click on the sun/moon (on the most right), it shows you the rest of the days. If you click on the clock (most left), it launches the default clock application in your phone where you can set alarm, timer, stopwatch and so on. If you click on the "degree Celsius" (middle), it updates the weather information immediately.

To set the refresh rate, go to Menu->Setting->Weather & location settings and look for the "Refresh Reriod setting. I"m setting it to 4 hours.

I'm using the "Use my location" to automatically use my location to display weather information, it works fine. Disable the "Use GPS location" if it is enabled because I don't think you will need this. You can play around with other settings, the default setting works fine too.

By the way, the widget is called "Transparent Clock (4x1) and you can find it in your Widgets tab to bring it to your home screen.

Try it out and you can download this Transparent Clock & Weather application here.

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