Friday, October 5, 2007

AVAST is better than AVG

This is just to share a bit why I say that. I has been using the AVAST for less than 6 months and the AVAST manage to catch 3 viruses threat so far when I'm browsing the internet. However, the AVG can't catch them at all.

I tested this by disabling the AVAST and visit the same site that has that virus threat. I forgot what site I have visited, if not I can probably put it here for you guys to give it a try. Anyway, this is just my experience. Honestly so far, I haven't catch any virus using AVG. I have been using AVG for 1 year. The last time I install AVAST it detected a virus in my PC which didn't caught by AVG all the while. This is so scary.

Have a second thought before you decide to remove AVAST and keep AVG or choose a AVG. Is AVG is really better? I should have test the site with McAfee Anti-Virus. Anyway, I'm doubt. That's why I install both AVG and AVAST as what I recommended in my previous post. Why don't you do the same?


Anonymous said...

1. Having been working for security companies, I wouldn't install two products meaning to do the same thing until one of them certifies that it is compatible with the other one. I have seen products interfering with each other while trying to achieve the same functionality.

2. Antivirus software install some kind of file filter (driver) so that they read the file on-access before the user/app gets it. Two anti-virus means more latency for each file access.

However I am glad that you found AVAST better, which I am quite happy with.

Peky said...

Funny thing was..I installed both on my bro's PC after your recommendation. Couple of days later, AVG caught trojan on my bro's PC but not AVAST! I never quite thought about it till I read this..hehe. I keep gettinig recommendation to try Kapersky. Anyone tried it yet?

ChampDog said...

Shuva, this is a very good information. I've never thought of that before. I have been using both AVAST and AVG at the same time and it doesn't crash. Does this prove they do not interfere each other?

Agree that the latency for each file access is longer. This is good point. However, the question is how much is the latency penalty? 0.1 second? Is it something negligible? Honestly, I don't really measure it but I can't feel the difference by disable one of them. The latency doesn’t seem affect me much (at least my laptop).

The reason to run both Anti-viruses is to play safe to complement each other. Hope I have done so far is making sense. Please share your opinion if you disagree.

ChampDog said...

Peky, thanks a lot for your comments. Don't aware that you actually read my blog. Thanks again. :)

This is the first time I heard AVG catch something that AVAST doesn't. Looks like I got another data point to prove AVG is better.

Hmm... Kapersky? I haven't tried this before. I don't think I'm going to install it as I already have 2 in my laptop. As what Shuva commented the drawback of installing more than one software that doing a same job, I think I will keep my laptop to have 2 anti-virus softwares should be good enough. Unless, Kapersky is better than one of them (AVG or AVAST), I probably will replace either one of them with Kapersky.

Anyway, “Kapersky” sounds like a difficult brand name for me to remember. My personal opinion only. :D

shiera said...

thanks for this... I've been using AVG since last year and I've been wondering why I didn't get any virus at all.. considering that I do a lot of surfing.
Will give AVAST a try...

also, thanks for dropping by my blog ^-^

ChampDog said...

Shiera, share with us in case you find out anything on using the AVAST. So far, it is working fine with me. It is just sometimes I need to save power (because I"m using laptop), I will just disable the AVAST for temporary.

Anonymous said...

I've been using AVG for such along time and never get complaints about that. Once I used to use AVG with another AV software together but my computer was hung. Then I never get disturbed to another software but AVG

ChampDog said...

I can't really remember it is because of installation problem or crash, now I"m using only 1 single AV which is AVG. I think Shuva has a point that multiple AV might crash the system.

Anyway I"m not sure if I remember correctly, AVAST somehow make the installation process a little bit troublesome which IMO it screws up the whole thing.

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