Sunday, December 30, 2007

Backup Content in Blogger (Blogspot)

If you’re using Blogger (Blogspot) platform, you probably want to backup your content unless you really trust the Blogger (Blogspot) which hosted by Google won’t screw up your content. Do they have a backup as well? I really don’t’ know. Have you ever think about your blog has been hijacked one day? In case you don’t know, there are quite number of Blogger’s blogs have been hijacked. You may face a risk to lost all your content in your blog.

Recently I found a tool called “Blogger Backup Utility”. It is in Beta releases. Thanks to gduncan411 who are actually doing this for free. You can backup all your posts and comments in your blog. In case of you lost some of the posts or all the posts, you can restore them using this tool. Of course, I don’t hope to use the restore feature one day but who knows?

For the "Save posts as (format)" option, I think we better choose "Atom, One File Per Posts" rather than "Atom, All posts in a single file". I think I read it somewhere if you choose "Atom, All posts in a single file" the restore feature may not work.

Since this tool is BETA, don’t expect this tool is completely out of bugs. Every software has bugs. One of the things I found not working is the “Save Comment” feature. If I redirect my feeds to feedburner the following error happens:

Error looking for comments, retrying (0)
Error looking for comments, retrying (1)
Error looking for comments, retrying (10)

I’ve already filed a report and hopefully this will be fixed in the next release. According to some of the discussions, if you don’t redirect your feeds to feedburner it should be fine. I haven’t tried this yet and I think I will just wait for the fix in later release. As for now, I will just backup my posts without comments.

One final note, the "Images or Pictures" are not able to backup yet at this moment. So you may want to download again for complete features of this tool in future.

[Updated: 05/02/09]
I think comments and pictures have still not yet supported. It seems like the authors has stop developing this tool but for the basic functions to backup the blog content, it works perfectly. 

Download “Blogger Backup Utility” here. Click the release tab for the latest release.


morinn said...

That's a very useful tool. I think I'll be backing up my blog soon. just in case ;)

ChampDog said...

Remember to backup the blog template as well if haven't done so. It has been few times, I have no idea why the template just corrupted and I have to restore my previous backed-up template. :)

Kishore said...

Hey! Seems to be one good option for all of us who rely on Google's archiving capability for our blog's well-being... will have to try this out.

ChampDog said...

Yes, I agree. For the "Save Comments' bugs (if you redirect your feeds to feedburner), the author has contacted and it is going to be fixed in the next release.

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