Saturday, February 23, 2008

Uninstall DOM Inspector in Firefox

At the first place, I don’t really know the reason why the DOM inspector is installed by default in Firefox. This is a highly advanced web developer feature. Normal users like you and me at application level do not require it at all. The only reason I can think of is majority of Fifefox’s users are web developers. Therefore, it is installed by default. But since Firefox has now become so popular, I think it should installed by default as most normal users do not use it.

I think I read it somewhere in the latest releases of firefox, the DOM Inspestor has no longer installed by default? I can’t be sure because I haven’t tried the new installation. I usually just do the auto update from the existing Firefox.

So if you do not use DOM inspector in the Firefox, I would recommend you to uninstall DOM Inspector in Firefox for better memory resources and performance. To uninstall, just go to Tools -> Add-ons and select the Add-ons that you would like to uninstall.

Btw, if you think this DOM inspector could be useful to normal users, please share with me. Then probably we (as a normal users) shouldn’t uninstall this cool stuff. :) I don't see how benefits this inspector and it is only meant for web developers.


Unknown said...

Uh, are you very sure that DOM Inspector is installed by default? So far I know, it's not at all.

ChampDog said...

Opss, really? I don't remember I installed it but it somehow is there. Maybe the earlier version is installed by default? What about the previous early version?

Maybe you're right. I may installed it and forgot about it. If this is true, please ignore this post then. :D

Unknown said...

Haha, as I could remember, it is default since the beta days, but not anymore since version 1.0. Everytime I install Firefox, I have to purposely click more steps to install DOM Inspector, which is quite a hassle sometimes. :D

ChampDog said...

I see. But I think you don't need to install every time right? Unless you change to new machine. I thought what you need to is just to update the existing one? and it is done automatically too.

Unknown said...

Ya, but I prefer to keep downloading the setup files for each new version and install them, instead of letting Firefox update itself.

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