Sunday, November 15, 2009

Best Useful Toolbar for Internet Browser – Google Toolbar

It has been quite some time ago that I was thinking to share this with you about the best toolbar that I've been using and I love it very much. Yes, that is the Google Toolbar.

These are the 2 most useful features in Google Toolbar which I use them everyday!

(1) Bookmarks
That is the most interesting and useful feature in Google Toolbar which you can bookmark you favorite links anywhere as you wish. For example, I bookmark a site in office and I can access my bookmark again when I am at home.

You can also organize your bookmarks by creating the label. Most importantly I can also open all my favorite links at once for all the favorite links in one label (i.e. Open in tab feature).

(2) Page Rank
Perhaps you don't have any idea of what page rank is. To make it short & simple, it is the ranking that given by Google Search Engine from 1 to 10. I use this to detect whether a website is a reliable or not.

You may want to be careful of any website that has page "0" or and the page rank bar is grey out. If the page rank is "0", it is at least telling you that this website is newly started so it may not be making sense for any official bank website or any famous big corporations.

My Recommended Google Toolbar Options

I only use these 4 features of Google Toolbar - bookmarks, pagerank, spell check and highlight of the search items. I disable the rest which I find it too crowded in my browser. So, it is up to you.

If you're Firefox user, you may want to "Replace Firefox Search Box" unless you don't feel annoying to have 2 search box in your browser. :)

Download Google Toolbar here.


Garfield said...

beware when you use this plugins.
it takes resources a lot.

it takes quite a lot RAM.
and due to it fetch the page ranks and other infos from time to time a lot, it do slow down your browsing speed a bit.

ChampDog said...

Interesting, I'm not sure if that is the reason why my Firefox always eats up a lot of memory...

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