Sunday, January 17, 2010

Missing Owner Information in WM6.5

A very funny thing about recent Windows Mobile 6.5 is that the "Owner Information" setting is no longer there anymore. You can't add or view your owner information in your mobile. What a crap? Luckily there is still workaround...

How to Add or View Owner Information?

(1) Go to Setting and Click "Today"

(2) In the "Today" Setting, click on "Items". Select "Owner Info" check box item and de-select the rest. Make sure you remember your original checked items.

(3) Go to your mobile "Home". Click on the "Owner Information"

(4) Now you can view or add your "Owner Information" into your mobile.

(5) Go back to "Today" setting and revert back your original setting.

In some applications, it requires you to put in the owner information. In this case, you can do exactly the steps above to retrieve the owner information. I hope this post is useful.


Andrew said...

Even better, you can use the MySettings app which is free and gives access not only to the Owner information but also to many more settings. You can search for 'teksoft mysettings' it's under the freeware section.

ChampDog said...

I think the latest version of OS has fixed that. I'm using 6.5 (build 21887.5.0.86) and the Owner Information is there, no missing. :)

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