Sunday, May 9, 2010

Zoom In and Zoom out with Web Browser

I recently talked to a friend who very pissed off with the font size of a website. He was surprised when I showed him that the web browsers (whether is Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) in fact already have the build-in feature to allow you to zoom-in and zoom-out from a web page. I'm not sure about Safari but I suspect it should have a similar feature.

How to Zoom In and Zoom Out?

  • Zoom-In: Press and Hold "Ctrl" & "+" button or Press "Ctrl" & move "Mouse wheel Up"
  • Zoom-Out: Press and Hold "Ctrl" & "-" button or Press "Ctrl" & move "Mouse wheel Down" 
To reset to original default zoom, you need to press and hold "Ctrl" & "0".  All these work for Firefox, IE and Google Chrome except for "Ctrl" & "+" in Google Chrome. It somehow doesn't work in Google Chrome. Perhaps this is the bug in Google Chrome?

Hope this helps. It used to require to install plug-in to use this feature and now no longer needed anymore. :)


Jayce said...

I usually ask my gf to zoom in when she play Facebook games. Original size is a little small on my monitor. ^_^

ChampDog said...

Yes, some default web pages fonts are just too tiny. I like this feature actually and I use it a lot...

Garfield said...

i usually prefer to use the default size, can i can see the errors easier.

anyway, i can confirm that safari do have the zoom feature as well as G-Browse

ChampDog said...

I installed Safari but I rarely use it. :D

Anonymous said...

Cool, didn't know this. My Win8 laptop will zoom in/out with the touchpad (sometimes accidentally!), but thought it was new feature. Noticed last night my win7 does it with my new logitech wireless keyboard with touchpad....but can't do it with my win7 work laptop...thought maybe it was a feature that needed to be turned on. Thanks for the info!

ChampDog said...

Perhaps it is more on software or driver to enable the multi-touch feature? Windows 8 comes with this multi-touch feature by default.

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