Saturday, March 21, 2009

Best Tweaking Methods to Increase HTC Performance

Although there are many ways available on the net to tweak the registry setting to improve performance of Windows Mobile for HTC Touch Cruise, I find that the most effective ways of doing this is to disable all the buttons of your HTC device.

To tweak the registy you need the register editor. You can use Total Commander or FdcSoft Task Manger to edit Windows Mobile's registry.

I find that a lot of these examples on the web such as the following are useless or do not really contribute a lot in term of the user experiences performance:

Don’t do This (No effect on performance):

(1) Tweaking TouchFlo setting (i.e. sensitivity and scrolling).

I have tested this and after disable the scrolling for example, it won’t save the memory consumption. Therefore no point disable the scrolling or change any sensitivity setting of TouchFlo

(2) Playing around with the font and file system cache.

I have tested and no effect.

(3) Disable HTC Task Manager.

This is a very useful feature therefore you shouldn’t consider to disable it at all.

Do This (it does improve the performances):

(1) Disable Large Start Menu

  • Go to "Start -> Settings -> Personal -> Large Start Menu"
  • Uncheck “Enable large Start menu”
(2) Disable ClearType of screen fonts
I personally do not do this because the font sucks after I disable the ClearType but if you don't mind, here you go:
  • Go to "Start -> Settings -> System -> Screen"
  • Select the "ClearType" tab
  • Uncheck "Enable ClearType"
(3) Disable keyboard input method that you don’t use
(disable=0 , enable=1)

For example, I only use one type of input method and disable the rest. You can do the same the following list out all the registry key for all the keyboard input types:
  • E.g. disable Transcriber: KEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{F0034DD0-2AD4-11D1-9CB0-E84BE8000000}\IsSIPInputMethod\(Default) = 0
  • E.g. disable Letter Recognizer: KEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{42429690-AE04-11D0-A4F8-00AA00A749B9}\IsSIPInputMethod\(Default) = 0
  • E.g. disable Chinese Star (CE-Star) HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{903D7A20-A2E9-11D2-9272-00A0C919143A}\IsSIPInputMethod\(default) =0
More registry keys as follow for your reference:
  • TOUCH KEYBOARD {62B00599-25D2-4E09-8C48-03BF26DB8517}
  • Letter Recognizer {42429690-AE04-11D0-A4F8-00AA00A749B9}
  • Block Recognizer {42429691-AE04-11D0-A4F8-00AA00A749B9}

(4) Disable the Useless Cube
Honestly, the HTC cube is completely useless. You can disable it here by setting the EnableCube to 0 in the following registry:
  • HKLM\Software\OEM\TFLOSettings
This does not help much because the following application still remains in the memory:
  • APLauncher.exe
  • Biotouch.exe
  • MediaHubMini.exe
  • QuickDial.exe
You need to kill all these 4 application using the FdcSoft task manager and use the Total Commander Explorer go to the \windows\ directly and look for these 4 files. Delete these files or you can copy these 4 files to other folder for backup purpose.
Note: Default explorer does not allow you to make any changes in the \windows\ directory therefore, you need to use the third party explorer such as Total Commander.
You need to replace these 4 files with the empty files (i.e 0 bytes file size). Download and unzip it.


By doing all the above that I suggested, now my HTC boots up only with 39% used memory. :D


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