Sunday, October 3, 2010

Disable Useless LinkScanner in AVG

The LinkScanner feature in the AVG is a completely useless feature in my opinion. It doesn’t help at all but instead making your browser super slow! You have 2 options:

Option 1: Disable the LinkScanner feature

  • Double click the AVG icon on your lower right.
  • Click on the “Link Scanner” and you will see the following page
  • Uncheck “Enable AVG Search-Shield”, “AVG Active Surf-Shield”
Note: The drawback with this option is your will see the warning sign in the AVG icon mentions that your system is not fully protected. This is fine if you’re okay with this. If you don’t like the warning, then you can try the option 2 below.

Option 2: Disable the add-on in your browser

For Firefox:
  • Go to “Tools –> Ad-ons” and you see the following screen.
  • Look for the “AVG Safe Search” and click “Disable”

    For Internet Explorer:
    • Go to “Tools –> Manage Ad-ons” and you see the following screen.
    • Look for the “AVG Safe Search” under AVG Technologies and click on “Disable” button.
      Note: This option is preferable if you hate the warning AVG icon on lower right windows bar.

      P/S: I will suggest AVG to completely remove this useless feature and I don’t think that is not really necessary but will only make the browser runs slower. Having the “Resident Shield” is good enough…


      LMA said...

      Hi, thanks for this tip. I followed your instructions for disabling AVG Link Scanner using Internet Explorer "Manage Add On's" and so far my browser is working much more efficiently.

      ChampDog said...

      I"m glad this helps... :)

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