Sunday, May 29, 2011

Copy Saved Photos or Images to Your PC from Ipad

If you own Ipad and perhaps Iphone too, I bet you definitely save photos or pictures that you like while your browsing the web. The bad thing is the iTunes won’t synch up these “saved” photos by default. What you need to do is manually copy over to your PC.

The fastest way you can do here to manually copy the images from “saved photos” folder over are:

  1. Connect your Ipad to your PC through USB
  2. You will see AutoPlay windows. Click on “Open device to view files”
  3. Browse to “\Internal Storage\DCIM\800AAAAA” and all your saved images from Ipad should be there.
  4. Just copy or cut and paste to your local drive.
Thanks to Windows 7 and Windows Vista! :)

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Gregory Miller said...

Thanks for the tip man!

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