Saturday, September 10, 2011

Find Source of Original Photo or Image - TinEye Review

I came across this TinEye website which helps you to search a similar image or photo in all over the internet. This is something useful especially if you wonder where the origin of the photo or image comes from. Let’s check it out!

It is very user friendly. You can either upload your image or enter the image address. After that, , it lists out all the URL website that have a similar image.  Then, you can click on those URL links.

What you can use TinEye for?
  • Copyright Protection - You can know who copy your image. You can then take actions to inform the website owner to take it down for example.
  • Image or Photo information – For example, you want to know who are those pretty girls in the photo. Probably using this TinEye will able to get you the answer. :)
  • Image Tracking – Some images (e.g. buttons and banners) are meant to be shared and passed around especially for marketing campaign. You can then use TinEye to track how many sites display those images.
The only drawback with this TinEye which is also sad to say that is, you still do NOT able to find the origin of the photo or image. You still need to look all the URL links by manual and figure out by yourself (e.g. when the image was posted). Anyway, this is still better than nothing right? Probably Google can tell you the answer if Google has created such tool!

P/S: Well, if you have other better software or website that does a better job than TinEye, please let me know. I”m interested to know.


landlord software said...

Thanks for this review. This surely would be a great help. Image tracking is pretty cool. I've never used such application and I never thought it's works much effective.

Restaurant Software said...

There are a lot of benefits of using image software. It is really very easy to use. Thanks for your wonderful information about using the image software.

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