Sunday, November 6, 2011

Faster GPS Detection Trick Using Garmin Mobile XT

If you have difficulty to get your GPS lock for your Garmin Mobile XT device, then this post is for you. The GPS "very" slow detection problem happens usually when you travel from one country to another. For example - my last visit to Ireland from Malaysia, when I first turned on my Garmin Mobile XT just after my landing at Ireland, it took me more than 30 minutes to lock. What the heck?

The good news if I found a way or workaround to make the GPS lock to be faster. Here you go the trick you can do before you land at your destination:

(1) Click on the “Satellite Status”

(2) Click “Disable” to disable the GPS and click “GPS Info”

(3) After that, click “New Location”

(4) You will see the map. Browse and move this map to your destination.For example, if your destination is at Ireland airport. Move the map as close as it and then click “OK”.

(5) Turn your Garmin Mobile XT off. You’re now all set.

When you turn it on later at your destination, the GPS detection should be a lot more faster (e.g. less than a few minutes). This is how I work around for getting the GPS faster detection. I”m not sure if other Garmin devices have such problem but this definitely works for Garmin Mobile XT (i.e. mobile version of Garmin). If your Garmin devices have such "very" slow GPS detection problem, you can give this method a try. Good luck!


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