Saturday, December 17, 2011

Using WebPageTest to Test Your Website Performance

I just came across this website - WebPageTest.Org which I think is useful to test your website performance especially you're maintaining your own web server. Since I"m using Google blogspot, there are not much performance tweak I can play with. However, you can still see your overall webpage performance and look at the area where you can optimize for.

It is very simple. The first thing you need to do is to key in your website. After that, select the test location and finally just read the test report.  There is the quick start guide that you can go through but I think The more important part is interpreting the test result.

In summary, the webpage performance are categorized into the following categories:
  • First Byte Time
  • Keep-alive Enabled
  • Compress Text
  • Compress Images
  • Cache static content
  • CDN detectected
If  you get the green color or "A",  and look for the rating such as above "C" and "D" and check if there are anything that you can do to improve those rating.

For detail of how to interpret the result and what you can do to improve the rating, please refer to here..

P/S: Hope this is something useful to you especially you're the webmaster or hosting your own web server.

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