Saturday, July 14, 2012

Best Power Saving Application For Android - JuiceDefender

So far have been using  "JuiceDefender" application for few weeks, I found it very useful especially you turn on your internet connection (especially for data plan/mobile data) 24 hours in your Android phone.

That means if you do not turn on your internet connections (either WIFI or data plan/mobile data) for 24 hours and you not lazy to turn it off when you're not using or out of the WIFI range, then I don't think this "JuiceDefender" application is that efficient.

There are few version of JuiceDefender (i.e. battery saver, ultimate, and plus). Battery saver is free version and the rest is paid version. The free version doesn't support the WIFI but still able to support the data plan/mobile data which I think that is good enough because "Mobile Data" is the biggest power consumption in phone. 

Juice Defender Settings
  1. Choose "balanced" profile is good enough. The rest you can ignore. 
  2. For notification, I advice you to enable it so that you can see the "Icons legend" and get a sense of whether your connection is ON. This is important because sometime JuiceDefender unable to connect back after you unlock your phone adn this "Icons legent" is the only indicator that you have.
  3. The full log tells you more about the activity.
  4. Go to help section it shows you how much power you can save with this applications. It is usually 2X!

In short,  if you enable internet connection all the time, I strongly suggest you to use this power saving application. However, sometimes you face some bugs then you will have to enable enable back the connection manually.

You can just search "JuiceDefender" in your Google Play or you can also it  here.


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