Monday, November 12, 2012

Best Watching Movie Online Application for Android and IOS - PPS.TV

One of the best things you can do with your mobile tablet is to watch movie online on your bed or where ever the place that you will comfortable with. So I have been searching around and trying out different applications for my Android phone and iPad and it turns out the best movie streaming applications is No other application is as good as or as stable as For example, "PPTV" which I downloaded lately, it drained up my battery overnight eventhough I"m not using it. So I will definately not recommended for it.

Just do a search with "PPS" or "PPS.TV" in your GooglePlay Store and iTunes, you should able to find it. To know more about this company, you can visit the official page here. According to them, it is the world largest online video service provider but wikipedia says it is still behind Youku and Tudou in China Market. :D

There are mobile and HD version and I think either one is fine. But for my Android phone, somehow the mobile version is only working for me but not the HD version. For HD version, it works fine with my iPad.

  • Watch Movies or TV shows for free.
  • Contains most updated TV programs especially for Chinese TV shows.
  • Has ability to resume movie after you close or exit the application.
  • Is only written in Chinese. You need to undrestand Chinese in order to use this application.
  • Need high-speed internet connection for smooth video streaming.
  • Most movies are outdated. If you're looking for the latest movie, it may not have it.
  • Some western movies are translated to Mandarin which I find it is not original

Is It Legal?

Most people will ask this quesiton whether PPS.TV is legal or not? I honestly do not know the answer. If I"m not mistaken, the streaming technology is using P2P protocol which means technically we cannot tell whether it is "illegal" or not. If it is not "illegal", is it legal? I wouldn't sure and the discussion goes beyond of this scope. So I suggest you use this applicaiton for your educational purpose only.

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