Sunday, March 31, 2013

Try AirPush Detector but No Effect

As many of new users of Android phone, I downloaded tons of application and game but unfortunately not all these applications are friendly. What I hate the most are those pop-up advertisements. They are not just very irritating but also slow down your entire system. Some pop-up ads are not children friendly too! lol!

So I found this application AirPush Detector with good ratings and reviews in Google Play but the bad news is it doesn't seem working after using it fow few months. It supposes to tell you what applications that has pop-up advertisement but it has not effect at all. This guy basically can't detect anything. Too bad... :(

So I decided to uninstall this AirPush Detector because it is kind of useless. So how can we prevent the pop-up ads then? There is no automated way unless you have a better application to recommend me?

The only thing that I do is I have to manually uninstall every single application that I have installed, then I will know which application actually causes it. Another smarter way you can do is "Force Close" the application and you still get the pop-up ads, it is most likely the application is running services at the background. You can disable the services and see whether there is still or getting less pop-up ads. If yes, then it is high possibility that the pop-up ads is came from this application.

Easier said then done especially you have few applications (not just one) that cause the pop-up ads and please also note that those pop-up ads do not occur immediately. You usually get pop-up in few days. So you may face some challenges to identify them. Perhaps the best way is prevention, try not to install too many unreliable applications at the same time. So it is easier for you to detect it. Good luck!

P/S: If you don't trust my review, you can try it here or search AirPush detector in GooglePlay. Please do let me know if this app can detect anything or not. :)


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