Friday, May 3, 2013

How to Make Android Phone Run Faster?

It is very common after using your Android phone for quite sometimes, things get very slow. This is usually due to a lot applications and services are running at background and some are not even needed.

The obvious one is to uninstall unnecessary applications especially those that run services at the background. To know what services that run in the background, go to "Settings -> Applications Manager -> Running". For those unwanted applications, you should uninstall them or else it will make your phone lag like hell!

However, not all applications can be uninstalled especially you don't root your phone. The only thing that you can do is to disable them. To disable them, go to "Settings -> Applications Manager -> All" and you can disable the applications manually by clicking on the disable button.

So these are the list of applications that I disable and are tested safe to be removed. A lot of them are came with Samsung which I don't need them at all:
  • AllShare Play - I don't use this. Seems cool but not applicable to me.
  • Bubbles/Luminous Dots/Phase Beam/Photo Wall/Deep Sea - Either wallpaper live or screen saver which is not needed
  • ChatON - Useless chat program by Samsung where everyone now uses WhatsApp
  • ChocoEUKor/RoseEUKor/Helv Neue S - Special font and is not needed if you don't use it
  • Clock (digital/funky/modern) - There are many clock applications, I just choose the one that use to enabl and the rest just disable it
  • Dropbox - Somehow comes with Samsung and cannot be uninstalled
  • Dual clock(analog/digital) - Useless to me because world clock comes with the default clock program
  • Face Unlock - Cool but useless feature. I don't lock my phone with password also because I find it very troublesome and slow.
  • Favorite Apps/Contacts - Application widget which I don't use, running widget makes your phone by the way
  • Game Hub - GooglePlay serves the purpose
  • Google Search - This is widget which I don't use it because it wastes my home screen space. 
  • Google Tex-to-Speech English - Rarely used, type is faster
  • Google+ - I use Facebook. :)
  • Group Cast - Another useless app by Samsung
  • Help/User Menu - I guess this is Samsung phone user guide
  • News Daemon(EUR)/Yahoo! Finance/News - Yahoo news widget. All end with EUR are from Yahoo which I rarely use
  • Personalize call sound - I don't need this, personal preference I guess
  • Picassa Uploaded - Not used in phone
  • S Memo - At first, I like it but it has text length limitation which is very annoying. Now I use Google Keep which I think is a lot more better.
  • S Suggest - All suggested applications somehow are not meaningful to me
  • S Voice - Cool and useless feature again because it lags.
  • Samsung Apps - Any useful Samsung Apps out there?
  • Samsung Backup/Backup Provider/Browser SynchAdapter/Calender SynchAdapter/Cloud Data Relay/Contact SynchAdapter/SMemo SynchAdapter - I backup everything with my Google account which makes this no longer is necessary. 
  • Samsung Push Service - Used by Samsung chat program, ChatON which is not needed unless you use it
  • Samsung TTS - Text to speech recognition, useless to me again. I hate showing off program especially you can do it faster way.
  • Talk - Google talk ...
  • Talkback - Used by Google to send feedback which will slow down your phone
  • Weather Daemon/Widget/Widget Main/ Windy weather - Not really useful to me. If you rarely used like me, just disable it

After disable all these applications, I can feel that my phone are now run a lot faster. I can't tolerate lagging especially open a SMS for example. I always want to make my phone GUI's respond super fast!!!

Another thing that I did is to group all those applications Icons using folder. It not only help me organize things but improve on phone performance. You can give it a try too. I only have one single page for all my applications. I don't like the idea or having multiple pages of icons.

[Updated: July 10, 2013]: You may want to check this out: Disable Animations In Android for Better Performance

P/S: Hope this helps, share with me if you have other tips on improving Android's phone performance especially on GUI respond rate!

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