Saturday, March 1, 2014

Clean Master Android Optimizer Review

I have been using this clean master android optimizer tool for quite some time, it is time for me to write an review of it.

There are basically 4 main things that you can clean up your phone:
  • Junk Files
  • Memory Boost
  • Privacy
  • App Manager

I find the most 2 useful features are Junk Files and Privacy. Junk files is the most useful one because it helps me to clean up  the left overs especially after I uninstall an app.

However I look at my phone recently and find that many empty directories are not being cleaned up. It does mention to clean up left over directories after an app is installed, I guess Clean Master is not smart enough then.

Privacy feature is good because I don't need to open up each app to clear my history. I can use this feature at once for all apps that I have.

Memory boost and App Manager are less useful in my opinion. In fact, Memory Boost is useless! The android should take care of your memory management already.

Assuming your phone runs out of memory very often, this memory boost is only temporary. What you really need to do is uninstall all those apps that run in the background when your phone starts. Running this memory boost won't fix your problem.

App Manager is also unnecessary because you can do that in your default App Manager in your phone. The only good thing in this tool is, it will tell you which app that you rarely use and suggest you to uninstall it.

Let's give it a try, see if it makes your phone faster. For me, I can't really feel the speed up. Keep in mind this tool also runs in background which also eats up memory. Having said so, it does the files clean up for you but manual clean up is still required.

You can download it here.


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