Sunday, August 3, 2014

Disable Antivirus in Android to Speed Up Performance

I have been using Antivirus Security from AVG mobile for a while but I have decided to uninstall it for performance issue.

It has been with me many years and never caught an virus. So I decided to remove it especially I have not simply installed new applications for quite some time. The Android performance is too slow until it reaches it's unacceptable level. After I uninstall the Antivirus, my phone performance is no longer lag that badly.

Also the latest update from Clean Master, it has a feature called "Pre-installed apps" from App Manager. What you need to do, disable all unused applications that can be safely disabled. Previously I just listed all of them here but I don't think is complete.  This new feature from Clean Master simply makes it easier!

Other thing you can do is Disable Animation in Android. Android is really running very slow especially running on non high end smart phone.

Hope that helps! Have a nice weekend!

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