Monday, October 15, 2007

100 Reasons to Use Vista

Microsoft posted a web page with 100 reasons why everyone's so speechless. It basically give 100 reasons why Vista is so amazing and why people should upgrade to Vista? This is so amazing that they can come up with 100 reasons. For me, I only able find 2 reasons as stated in my previous post on whether we should upgrade to Vista or not.

First reason is Windows Aero. It is a very cool UI feature, it gives the feel of Macintosh. But remember it eats performance and your battery life (if you're using laptop). Based on some reviews on Windows Aero's performance, it consume 4-5% more power than XP. So if power and performance is not a top priority concern, Windows Aero is cool.

Second reason is the security. I feel better with the User Account Control and it gives me peace of mind from hackers or intruders.

Oppss... that's all I can come up with. Are those 100 reasons crap? Are these 100 reasons the key feature? Do we really need them? or it is just something not essential? I don't know, you tell me. Feel free to let me know if you have any "real" reason to upgrade to Vista in your personal opinion.


Anonymous said...

This is just their marketing strategy. You don't need a super duple product to make a great sell. I haven't tried out Vista yet but I have a feeling that there is not much difference from XP.

Peky said...

I just read thru the first 50 "reasons"...and it appears to me that those are just the same reasons written differently.. dont believe me? Go through that list and it's always about photos, backup, new look (aero), media center, security. that's it. and it's the same feature they are talking about too!! You can't be calling that 100 reasons rite?? it's just like asking your partner "give me 100 reasons why you love me"...and all you get is "Because-I-love-you-and-i-cant-explain-why * 100"......


and i still think my Vista is slow :P maybe i'm too stupid for it :P

ChampDog said...

I only go through less than 10 of them only. Unbelievable that you actually go through 50 of them. Anyway, this is a very good sharing. It looks like the reasons are just duplicate. Hahaha... I just remember someone did ask me that question many years ago. I did come out with 100 reasons. :D

Check your memory usage, it is more than 1 G? For me, I just merely use browser (yes, I open a lot) and my memory usage is 1.3 G. If your physical memory is less than that, then the OS starts doing swapping that may eventually cause your PC slow down.

Jevin said...

Vista is pretty stable compared to XP. It still could be a lot better.

The thing is: Microsoft tend to make software for everyone. That is why we have a lot of visual effects that take all the resources and completely annoys computer professionals.

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