Sunday, October 5, 2008

Best Task Manager for Windows Mobile (FdcSoft TaskMgr)

I just bought a HTC Touch Cruise few weeks ago and played a lot with software to be installed in this guy. I have almost installed 20 applications (excluding the games), I found that one of the most useful software utility is the Task Manager from FdcSoft TaskMgr.

3 Reasons to use FdcSoft TaskMgr:

(1) Task Manager from HTC slows down your mobile performance since it is running at the background. Windows Mobile is already bloody slow, still want to load the background stuff? With FdcSoft TaskMgr, you do not need to run in background and run it when necessary.

To disable the HTC Task Manager, perform the following:

  • Go to “Start -> Settings -> System -> Task Manager -> Button”
  • Disable "Enable the "X" button to end running programs"
  • Disable "Enable Quick Menu on Today screen"
(2) FdcSoft TaskMgr shows more details information (e.g. Applications, Processes, CPU Usage, Services, IP Config and a lot more). You can also close all running applications as what you can do in HTC Task Manager.

(3) Registry editor under “RegEdit” page is the most useful thing that I used often to tweak the performance of Windows Mobile in my HTC device. So far, I have been tried 2 registry editors software, this “RegEdit” from FdcSoft TaskMgr is still my preference.

Click here to download FdcSoft TaskMgr and to see other people’s review.


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