Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top 1 Reason NOT to Use Google Chrome

I guess I do not need to talk about the good things about Google Chrome as all of you can find the Google Chrome key features here. If you want to try it out, you can download Google Chrome

What I’m really looking about this new Google Chrome web browser is use less memory footprint and with all basic browser features. It seems like Google has fulfilled my requirements EXCEPT that Google Chrome does NOT support Google Toolbar or vice-versa.

Google, you must be kidding? Google toolbar is my “must” application when browsing and it is going to defeat the purpose if I open Firefox (for Google Toolbar) and Google Chrome at the same time. Please fix it Google, your product doesn’t support your own products. Don’t you think is funny?

P/S: If Google Chrome doesn't support extensions (the way how it was designed), then I think Google Toolbar features should be built into the Google Chrome. Perhaps not all the features but the key one (e.g. bookmarks and PageRank). I will wait until Google Toolbar is supported, then I will only give it a try.

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Mt. said...

not only chrome does not support many other google tools, a lot of google tools do not support chrome too .... as a matter of fact, google earth will still launch Internet Explorer even if you set chrome as the default browser

ChampDog said...

This reminds me one of the Google article written by (not sure if is the founder himself) says the "Even Crap Can Sell".

Perhaps this is not the place they put focus into and fix can be done later on? I guess...

Anonymous said...

But, you do not need the search bar extension with google chrome, it is built into the browser already.

Simply enter your search where you normally enter the http address, it is all in one.

I think the idea of chrome is to have a fast browser, extensions slow things down drastically. I prefer to work fast, then have a lot of clutter...
Take care!

ChampDog said...

Ya, I see the point. However, I need the Google bookmarks for accessing my bookmarks everywhere. I love this feature and I can't use it anymore if I have to switch to Google Chrome.

That's why I mentioned if this is what was designed for, then maybe it is a good idea to add some nice build in features (i.e. Google bookmarks).

Anonymous said...

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ChampDog said...

What so special about this alarm clock? In fact, I'm now looking for an alarm clock rather than the one in Windows Mobile. It sucks and sometimes it doesn't sound. :(

Btw, your page loads extremely long.

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Thanks and I think not as cool as your jewelry. :)

Anonymous said...

w00t I love how google crome looks but i'd rather use the much developed firefox i'll just wit until all bugz of crome washed away. anyway its both open source 4/5 for crome.


ChampDog said...

It is believed (by Google folks) that Google Chrome is the most correct architecture way of implementing browsers as compared to the rest of the browsers.

Anonymous said...

For me the one reason for not using it is that it does not have a built in Master-Password-protected-Password-Manager like in Firefox. I can live remembering all the different passwords.

ChampDog said...

Thanks for the comment about master password could be also one of them.

For me, I can still live without this master password feature. Perhaps I haven' start using it yet. :D

Anonymous said...

ummm you should learn about what your writing about. Googe chrome doesn't have google toolbar because you search using google by typing directly into the URL bar. Go try and tell me I'm wrong.

ChampDog said...

I'm actually referring to Google Toobar which is the plug-in of the browser. Since Google Chrome doesn't support plug-in, we can't install the "Google Toolbar" into the Google Chrome.

I recently just blog about it. You can look at those benefits. Basically 2 things only, the page rank and the bookmarks. I think by default the Google Chrome doesn't have those features.


This is just my opinion. Let me know what you think. :)

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