Friday, December 26, 2008

Check Download and Upload Speed

Sometimes we just want to make sure our Internet Service Provider (ISP) doesn't cheat our money. We pay for this speed and at least we can get the speed that we're paying for. This is the website I usually play around with -

You can:
  • Test using recommend server (the place nearest to your ISP)
  • Test the connection speed in any server location that you want in the World.

P/S: You can also play around with the "My Summary" and "Global Stats" tabs at the top. It provides quite some useful information.


Anonymous said...

for testing malaysia link to the international's speed,

select new york, then u will be able to see how much u able to get for the international links. always use new york as international links benchmark.

coz if u select malaysia(cyberjaya/kl) or singapore, u will sure get the full speed.
but the internet is for use on those international sites, so select new york will be the best benchmark point.

ChampDog said...

Yupe, I did that too. I sometimes test on the Europe site as well. It depends where the server is located. You're right and most of the servers are from U.S.

I guess the reasons why we choose for the closest side is to make sure the ISP promise what they offer. If I subscribe 512Kbps (download) and 256Kbps (upload), I should at least get this full speed when I test it in local.

Anonymous said...

if u r on streamyx, the local speed u will get is as below

512kbps = 1mbps in (kl server)
1mbps = 1.5mbps in (kl server)
2mbps = 3mbps in (kl server)

TM Net usually give u 50% more speed as they know that they are oversold. therefore, they give extra 50% speed so that u will be able to boost up near to the speed they sell to u.

however, most of the areas r not able to get the speed as i stated at above.
only certain areas that the infrastructure which is well maintained will be able to the such speed.

ChampDog said...

Really? I don't get 50% more and in fact I get slightly less than (let's say 512kbps). I"m located in Penang.

So when streamyx says 512kbps, it is for local or overseas sites? I assume they meant local only.

Anonymous said...

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