Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is TMC.exe a Trojan Horse in MapKing?

If you have been using MapKing 2007 or the later version in Windows Mobile, most likely your anti-virus will detect a “TMC.exe” file as a Generic Downloader.x - Trojan Horse. It is located at:

“Program Files\MapAsia\MapKing2007\TMC.exe”

Apparently it is NOT a Trojan and it stands for Traffic Message Channel which is used to deliver traffic and travel information to drivers. However, if you do not use the traffic service or no such traffic services provider available, you can safely remove this TMC.exe. I personally do not use it, so I will just delete it.

p/s: MapKing is the very popular GPS mobile software in Asia (i.e. Singapore, Malaysia, China). It is not a freeware.


Anonymous said...

Rubbish !
"Apparently it is NOT a Trojan..." - without any solid evidence or reference, how could you make such comment by apparently ?

Rubbish !
"....can safely remove this TMC.exe.". - You did not provide any solution for the issue. Why didn't you just say to delete the whole MapKing software or even not use your mobile phone as you personally do not use it.

ChampDog said...

It is detected as "Generic Downloader.X" which is categorized as "Low" risk threat. What this Trojan does it download stuff from the internet and execute it. Some other anti-virus tool may detected this as spyware too.

Since I'm kind of suspecting the TMC.exe in MapKing may need this kind of capability to retrieve the traffic information, I personally don't think it is a threat. Also, if you look at the TMC.exe is not in the memory until you enable the traffic in the MapKing software.

Having said so, if you still think the TMC.exe is a threat, the safest thing still if you can just delete and remove it, if don't use the traffic information in your MapKing software. This is the only solution I can think of ...

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