Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fastest Way to Speed up Windows Mobile – HTC Touch Cruise

There are many ways to speed up windows mobile and particularly to HTC Touch Cruise (I’m not sure if this is generic to every other mobile devices, but you can give it a try), I found that to disable all the button contributes the biggest speedup. So this is what I do in the Start->Settings->Buttons:

I disable all the buttons and set all the buttons to "None". Once it is done, I found that the speedup is tremendous. The only most useful button in my opinion will be the Button 3 - Camera which you can still enable it for convenient purpose while you're taking photo. Hope this tip helps.

p/s: One of the things that I’m VERY NOT satisfy with PDA is the slowness in the software. Disable all the button seems really speedup for at least HTC Touch Cruise device and I hope it is applicable to your mobile device too.


Unknown said...

This is a really nice tip - does the job just like you said!

ChampDog said...

I have more tips too like tweaking the registry value. Basically this is to free-up some memory. When my device is boot up, it only used up to 37% of the memory resources. I think windows mobile sucks in memory management. :D

Tim said...

thanks for sharing such nice tips, but unfortunately its not working on my xperia x1.. :( bt still thanks for sharing, hope those with HTC Touch Cruise will get this worked out.. :)

ChampDog said...

Too bad, is there a customized ROM for xperia x1? Perhaps, you can give it a try... My friend likes to try out different type of ROM for HTC touch cruise just to see their performance. I just kind of lazy to spend such time. :D

Anonymous said...

Best tip, really speeds up the ppc. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Speeds up response times of HTC Kaiser. Incredible they messed up th button event polls.

I will turn on the buttons anyway - just got used to them. Nice tip!

ChampDog said...

Yeah, if you get used to it, it is hard for you to disable it. :D

I used to prefer to use HTC or windows mobile. I think now is no longer valid although I"m still using it now.

Time to move on to iPhone!

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