Sunday, March 15, 2009

Best Free Advanced Explorer for Windows Mobile – Total Commander

For some reasons the original explorer in the windows mobile disallow you to modify or delete some of the system files in ROM especially in the windows folder, therefore I’m looking for an alternative solution.

The best explorer so far in the industry (in my opinion) is the “Resco Explorer” but it is not a freeware! So, what should you do? At last, I found the free one and it is called “Total Commander” and I have been using for quite some times. I’m satisfied with it but may not be as good as “Resco Explorer” but it is still better than nothing.

Some common advanced features of Total Commander:
  • Zip and unzip (File -> Pack with ZIP )
  • Properties dialog, change attributes (File -> Properties)
  • Useful to hide files or folder that you don’t want to let other to see
  • Search function including text content (File ->Find files)
  • FTP client (Access through \\Plugins\ftp)
  • Registry Editor (Access through \\Plugins\registry)
  • LAN access (Access through \\Plugins\LAN)
It is not as user friendly as Resco Explorer but it is the best free advanced explorer that I have ever used so far.

You can visit the official Total Commander page and download Total Commander here for pocket PC or Windows Mobile.


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