Monday, May 11, 2009

Should I Quick Format My Drive?

Usually when you buy brand new hard disk from a computer shop, they will just perform a “Quick Format” for your hard disk.

The problem with the “Quick Format” it is completely useless. It takes less than 1 minute to format a 260G hard disk and if you perform “Normal Format’, it takes few hours to completely format the hard disk.

So next time if you buy a brand new hard disk, what should you do? You should REFORMAT the HARD DISK again. Check out what Microsoft says about Normal Format vs. Quick Format. 

Note: Normal format is also known as Default Format, Regular Format, Full Format or whatever you would like to call as long as it is not Quick Format.

You only perform Quick Format for the following reasons:
  1. You have performed full “Regular/Normal Format” before and now you would like to make clean hard disk.
  2. You want to quick erase all the data in the hard disk


Anonymous said...

for a new purchased hard disk, it is not necessary to do full format. coz new hard disk hardly will have problem.

for me, i will only do a for format when i suspect there is bad sectors on the hard drive to let the file system to skip that bad sectored track.

anyway, although the bad sector is covered, but there will be more bad sectors appear after 1 months later. so when u see there is bad sectors, just replace the hard disk.

other word to say, the full format is just for you to cover the bad sectors only.

so better change the hard drive if u see bad sector lar, :)

ChampDog said...

New hard disk hardly will have problem? You sure about that? If if it is so, I think we should still make sure it doesn't have any bad sectors.

I think if you suspect there is bad sectors, why don't you just perform scandisk instead?

But, full format is used to recover the bad sectors is new to me. I kind of doubt that. I don't think bad sectors can be recovered. Once it is damage, it is damage.

Anonymous said...

typo error.

is should be

"will not have problem"

Anonymous said...

the word i used is "covered" not recover.
wat i mean is windows will skip that track and hide it up so that the file system will not read it.

usually bad sectors will spread more.
scratched already, after use for some time, scratch even more.

ChampDog said...

Hahaha... so many miscommunication.

I think I will still prefer to perform FULL format for a new hard disk in case it has already had bad sectors that come with it. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, Quantum hard disk is the 1 that usually have bad sectors in their new hard disk.

but now they already get bought over

anyway, by default, Linux run full format.
but full format in Linux is a lot faster than in Windows

ChampDog said...

Linux has a lot of things faster than Windows. :)

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