Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to Format Storage Card in Windows Mobile?

Of course the most convenient way to format your storage or flash memory card (i.e. micro-SD card) is to use SD card reader which can be plugged into your PC through USB for example. Your PC or laptop will then detect this storage card as one of the disk spaces so that you can perform the format as like how you normally format a normal hard disk.

However, I don't have this SD card reader. Therefore, I was searching around to find a way to format my storage card (i.e. Micro-SD card) in Windows Mobile. Unfortunately, many of those are not working except I found this one – StorageTools by SoftWinter.

Note: For some reasons, the EXE doesn't work. It says I'm required to use the latest of active-sync software which is no longer necessary in Windows Vista. So, do NOT download the EXE from this website. Let's follow the following instructions:

Download & Install Instructions
  1. Click on the "More Download Options".
  2. Look for "Storage Tools for Windows Mobile"
  3. Download the appropriate CAB file (e.g.
  4. Copy the CAB file (e.g. to your mobile phone.
  5. Run the CAB file (e.g. ) and install the application into your mobile.
  6. In the StorageTools application, click on the "Format" tab and you will know what to do next. :)
Other Cool features of this StorageTools that you may also can try out is the “Scan” and “Defrag” features which I find it very useful.


Dirty Bit Software said...

It is the fast and killer answer when my storage card being attacked by hijackers.

ChampDog said...

This is my first time heard about the storage card is being attacked by hijackers. I thought that is not common in mobile as compared to in PC. :)

My storage card is usually die by its own without being attacked at all! :) Hahaha...

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