Sunday, September 27, 2009

Remove Empty Blank Space in Firefox

If you have this mystery empty blank space appears on your top of your Firefox browser, it is the Bookmark Toolbar that comes together with Firefox! You see the empty spaces at the top of the Firefox is because I don't have any bookmarks yet. I think by default it has something that it will be shown there rather than the empty space.

I found that the bookmark toolbar in Firefox is pretty useless and it is completely waste of spaces especially if I don't have any bookmark. If you're like me who has never used this bookmark toolbar, you can just go ahead to remove it. Even if you use the bookmark feature from Firefox, I don't like the idea of using the extra spaces at the top of my browser. Isn't that easier for me just go to the Bookmarks Menu directly?

To remove this useless bookmark toolbar:
  1. Right Click the "Refresh" or "Stop" or "Home" button at the top. The funny thing is you can't right click the bookmark toolbar. :)
  2. Un-check or de-select the "Bookmarks Toolbar"
  3. Now this empty blank space is gone! :)

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Anonymous said...

Finally! An easy way to remove blank space at the top of Firefox! Thank you,
Moderately advanced used, internet search savvy, frustrated after wasting 40 mins on other sites. TYTYTY!!

ChampDog said...

You're welcome! I"m glad it helps. :)

Nishchaya said...

thanks alot f9ly i god rid of this crap........:)

*-*hihihehe*-* said...

Thanks, I am using older version of Firefox, the 5.01 does not seem to fit me.

ChampDog said...

Try to get the latest one. I guess this empty space problem should have been resolved already. :)

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