Saturday, April 17, 2010

Best Free 3D Chat Room - IMVU

I used to play mIRC (i.e. internet relay chat) and I guess now somehow is no longer popular anymore and most importantly it is no longer available for free. No wonder I have never heard of people talk about it anymore. Perhaps I'm from just an outdated person from older generation. It was in fact similar to "Facebook" today and used to be very well known to almost everyone.

So I tried to search around the web and looked for best chat room. In past couple of months, I actually found one which I think so far is the best chat room among couple of chat rooms I had tried. This software is called IMVU. I'm not sure exactly what it stands for but people say it stands for "Instant Messaging Virtual Universal"?

Steps to Install IMVU

  1. Go to IMVU
  2. Click "Start Now"
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Once you have installed the software, you can now login to IMVU and you will see the following screen:

I think I do not need to explain every single options because most of them are self-explanatory. This is why I think this software is so successful - very user friendly. I'm really impressed by the 3D effect in this software too. It is really awesome. Check it out yourself:

I will say IMVU is the so far the most successful software to emulate the world. It is the best virtual world software that I've ever seen. It is almost very closed to the actual real world. Therefore, I don't surprise if people are getting addicted to it and prefer this virtual world rather than the real world.

There are few "Advanced Features" that you need to "PAY" for it to enable it. Well, I personally don't think that you need to go to that extend but it is really up to you. Have fun with it!


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