Saturday, April 10, 2010

Best Free Creative Flash Games

This is the best creative flash games that I have ever seen so far and it is completely FREE. Let's check out the following site which consists a lot of free games which are created using flash:

Here are some of the few games that I have tried:

Doggie's Game

  1. Right click your dog to move forward or backward.
  2. Right click and hold to align all your dogs.
  3. Space bar to instruct all dogs to jump.

p/s: I love this doggie's game the MOST. I think this what makes me said the most creative flash game! :)

Monkey's Game

  1. Right click the monkey to catch the fruits.
  2. Right click the monkey to duck to avoid the bomb.

p/s: Not really like this but not that bad either...

Koala's Game

  1. Move and click around your mouse to avoid the snail.
  2. Click your and hold your koala bear to slide down. Release to stop sliding down.

p/s: The second game that I like most...

The thing I like about most of these games is the instructions to play these games are very easy and common-sense. In fact for most of the games, you don't need to read the instruction at all. You can just go ahead to play game directly without reading any instructions. You can just use your common sense will do. I guess that is called "creative". Hope you like some of those games...


Jayce said...

Nice little games during office hours. ^_^

ChampDog said...

Yes, just don't get caught by boss. :)

Anonymous said...

whoever named this games?

ChampDog said...

I named them myself. :)

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