Sunday, October 9, 2011

TinyChat - A Web Based Video Chat Room

If you're lonely and feel like want to video chat with someone, you can try this out TinyChat software. The good thing about this TinyChat is you do not need to install any software into your PC. It is all web based application. I love web based application!

Unlike IMVU, you're dealing with all the real person not "Avatar". :) I tried this software last night when someone shared that in Facebook. So this is what you can do to kick start the fun:

(1) Go into this website, You will see this page:


(2) What I like is, it shows the current real time snapshot of the person in each chat room. You can do the following:
  • Click on "An Instant Chat Room". This will create a room for you and you will be the moderator. For beginner, you do probably don't want to try that now.
  • Click on any faces that you like and it will bring you to them. :) You will then can chat with him/her. :) This seems more fun!

(3) It prompts you to enter your user name as follow. If you would like to be anoymous, I will suggest you just to put a nick name and click "Go". Otherwise, you can login using your Facebook or Twitter account.

(4) When you're in the video chat room, you can see bunch of broadcasting video streaming. These are the things that you can do:
  • "Hide video" for those person that you don't enjoy to see. :D This is especially useful if you find the video streaming is lagging badly.
  • Click "Start Broadcasting". You can choose either to broadcast your voice or your camera + your voice. When you do that, everyone sees your face and hear your voice!
  • Chat in the public or chat using private message to person that you would like to talk to. However, people usually ignore the private message.

At first, I thought those person are not real or probably is a video chat bot. So I asked them to raise their hands and do some actions for example to confirm they're real. Yes, in fact they're all real. So there is no cheating here.

People there somehow doesn't talk much but they like to video broadcast themselves and chat using the keyboard. Perhaps they're shy? Anyway, hope you enjoy this! Have fun!


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