Thursday, November 11, 2010

Unable to Install Real Player 11 – Workaround

If you download the real player 11 from the official website, it is very funny that when you click “accept” during the real player 11 installation and it nothing happens. I thought this is a bug that Real Player will fix this very soon and it doesn't seem so. When I search through the web and it seems like some people do have this problem and do not have the solution.

So, the temporarily workaround is to download the full real player software version from and I tried it works. Click here to download the Real Player 11 from


Anonymous said...


This information about installation of Real Player was very helpful to me. I was having a lot of trouble installing it. Then, I found your page and downloaded and installed from filehippo using the link you have posted. And it worked!!!

Thank you so much!!!

Just some info. for anyone who would land at this page like I did: I was using Windows 7, Firefox browser version 3.6.12.

Once again, thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

This post is over 3 years old - and this stupid free Real Player STILL doesn't install. What's the matter with the developers of the bloody thing? Surely they can't be unaware of the problem... It's now version 14

Thnk you, Blogger

ChampDog said...

Wow, I can't believe that too. Probably that is the free version and they don't give a damn about it.

Btw, for using the Real Player to download youtube has no longer worked if memory serves me right.

Right now, I"m using the Ant Video Downloader. You can check it out my post here.

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