Sunday, September 16, 2007

Best Visual File Comparison Software

If you're a software developer, you probably already have your own favorite file comparison software. Even if you're not a software developer, file comparison software can be very useful. A utility to compare files and directories makes my day-to-day work very efficient. I use it to compare and merge source code, web pages, settings files and other text files. I also use it to perform code reviews and audits. Without this tool, I don't think I can survive.

So, who is the guy makes me can't live without? The Araxis Merge... I have tried other file comparison software, these are the key few differentiators why Araxis Merge is the best:

  1. User Friendly (Araxis UI is very common sense)
  2. File Merging Ability (Very user friendly, try it you know what I mean)
  3. Directory Comparison (Cool, I like this most. )
  4. Binary File Comparison (Wow, not only text file comparison)
The only disadvantage of this guy is Araxis Merge is not free. Oppss, sad news is I have been trying other free file comparison softwares and none of them is comparative to Araxis Merge. These are the free file comparison softwares that I have tried so far:
Yes, this is still something better than nothing. It can do most of the basic stuff. Nevertheless, the Araxis Merge is much more better. Maybe I have already get used to it but I'm still searching for the free one. So, what is your favorite file comparison software? Perhaps you can just share with us?


Anonymous said...

Araxis? Hmmmm! Looks like worth a try. I have been using WinMerge so far.

ChampDog said...

Ya, just give it a try. Let me know your comments. My first diff tool I was using is WinDiff which comes together in Visual Studio few years back. Later, I switch to Araxis and until today I've never ever try other visual diff tools that are better than Araxis. It is just very user friendly.

Peky said...

I agree! :D

Anonymous said...

BeyondCompare is the best comparison tool out there. Not free but not expensive either. Been aroudn for a long time and coming out with a new major version (3.0) soon. You can try during beta. Pretty cool

Anonymous said...

p.s. is where you can find BeyoneCompare.

ChampDog said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Will give it a try. :)

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