Saturday, September 15, 2007

Can OpenOffice Win the War? Now IBM is helping...

Who is the industry leader for office tools? I bet you and me will agree, it is Microsoft Office. But who is the next generation office tools? As you know in my previous posts, I think OpenOffice is the next generation office tools. Don't you think so? Now this boost up my confident after reading the news "IBM Joins Community"

10 September 2007 -- The community today announced that IBM will be joining the community to collaborate on the development of software. IBM will be making initial code contributions that it has been developing as part of its Lotus Notes product, including accessibility enhancements, and will be making ongoing contributions to the feature richness and code quality of Besides working with the community on the free productivity suite's software, IBM will also leverage technology in its products.

Wow! Isn't this amazing? I read several software blog too, they all did mention about this news. What a amazing now the now supported by the big giant company like IBM. Having said that, Microsoft can easily just kill the OpenOffice by making Microsoft Office becomes Free. When OpenOffice becomes a threat, I bet Microsoft will be just going to make Microsoft Office becomes FREE! It probably something like Internet Explorer (IE) that comes together with the OS. But if they don't do it now or later, one day it could become too late... Will it be really too late? Remember how easy IE just kills Netscape? What is your thought?


Shuva said...

The new MS Office is based on Open XML standard, which is already a approved standard by ISO. Now if IBM comes with another ISO standard with OpenOffice, then we have 2 open standards for keeping text files. I personally hate the fact that we have just too many standards. SGML, PDF, OpenXML and OpenOffice. Gosh! Juat imagine : we will need so many softwares just to translate one format to another.

Vincent said...

Why don't the they just align with one standard? Why don't the IBM just follow the OpenXML standard? This solves everything then.

Brian said...

OOXML was rejected as an ISO standard this month.
There are two document format camps. The first is ODF (open document format) which is supported by Google, Sun, Adobe, Yahoo, and others.
The second is OOXML (Office Open XML) which is only supported by Microsoft.

ChampDog said...

Brian, thanks for sharing. It looks like this is another bad news for Microsoft. But anyway, Micorsoft always like to do their own standard even though they're alone.

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