Monday, November 10, 2008

Using Google as World Time Clock

Accidentally find out that we can actually use Google search engine as World Time Clocks by using the following search query:

  • Current Time "location"
For example to check time in Malaysia:

You can also check current time in more specific location. For example to check time in San Jose:

For example to check time in Maynooth, Dublin (This is where I’m right now :D):

The only thing it won’t work is I put in multiple locations. You don't see the displayed clock. For example:

So I guess this is fastest time to check world time clock assuming you have the internet access. :D


Robin Green said...

Great blog! I added a link to your blog on my page for Free Software at

ChampDog said...

Hey Robin, thanks for the add. I really appreciate that. :)

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