Friday, November 21, 2008

Can’t Connect to Remote Computer but previously is okay

If you are able to connect to your remote windows machine but out of a sudden you fail to connect to the remote machine, this is post is the solution for you. However if it has never been working all the while, you should google it and it probably due to the firewall configurations.

Basically what you want to do is to remote restart your windows machine. That’s it. This is the fastest way to solve this problem assuming it did work previously. Somehow I have experienced this few times myself and I have no idea what causes the failure.

To Remotely Restart Your Windows Machine, you need to open your command prompt and perform the following commands:
shutdown /r /f /m \\my-remote-host
* /r is to shutdown and restart your PC. Without /r it is shutdown and you will never ever to wake him up again “remotely”.

* /f is to force to close any running applications. I’m not sure without this, it will be shutdown or restart probably. At first I tried without /f and it doesn’t work. So, I’m using to force to close any running application.

* /s m is to specify your windows host or you can put in the IP address (e.g. // Remember to put the “\\”.

* For more help just type “shutdown /?” in your command prompt.

Of course the drawback of this is you will lose any work in progress data in your remote windows machine. If you know exactly what causing remote desktop doesn’t work, you can try use “tasklist” and “taskkill” command to remote kill any process in the remote machine.

Example of the usage:
  • tasklist /s my-remote-host
  • taskkill /s my-remote-host /im outlook.exe
Perhaps outlook.exe causing this? I have no idea...


Anonymous said...

the shutdown command to remote host is not always work.

the best bet is to enable the telnet services at ur remote host.
if there is anything wrong, telnet into it and fire up the shutdown command.

ChampDog said...

Looks like a pretty good idea. :) I think I should enable it.

Anonymous said...

but honestly, it is best to use linux, lol
coz u can do almost everything with just commands

ChampDog said...

Yupe, I agree. I have the Linux box as well. The problem is not everyone a fan of Linux.

I like Linux or Unix is not because of everything can be done in command-line. Strictly speaking, you can do that too in Windows with some application (e.g. cygwin and etc.)

What I really like is the multi-user environment in Linux/Unix which Windows cannot fight at all. :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, now think back and see, i've been long time din boot up my Windows hdd already.

The only reason i boot into Windows is for games to release my pressure.

Although i can run all games with WINE, but it is running slower compare to directly run the games in Windows...

Windows is still the best for entertainment so far :)

and by the way, i never like cygwin. coz it is sucking the resources a lot when it is loading in windows...

ChampDog said...

How about virtual machine? That also sucks a lot of resources, I think.

I used to use a tool (I kind of forgot the name already) it has all the basis unix shell commands (e.g. sh, ls, grep, rm, man, perl and many others). I love it so much but the only thing is this tool is not free.

cygwin is the only one that I know of (the free one). Maybe there are others, please recommend (the free one). :)

Anonymous said...

virtual machine ar?
i will only run a virtual environment when i am testing my own distro or other distro.

and yes, it do uses lots of RAM. but it is during u using the virtual environment only.

anyway, if u wan to use virtual environment, try QEMU.
it also have a version for use in windows machine, but u need to use commands to boot it up.

But still, it suck less resources compare to M$ Virtual PC or VMWare

ChampDog said...

QEMU,cool - open source processor emulator. I like the name. :) Will going to try it and I can't believe it sucks less resources than VMware and MS Virtual PC. :)

Anonymous said...

lol, coz it didn't load any virtual device drivers like others.

but honestly, there is a lot hassle using it as u need to do everything in command to enable some of its features in ur virtual environment...

M$ Virtual PC and VMWare is good for simplicity, but just too heavy loads for the PC...

ChampDog said...

I see, got it. I tried once before using the VMWare the office. It is bloody slow...

Anonymous said...

it is quite normal for vmware,
if u see properly, u can see that it install some virtual device drivers to make it works better.

all these drivers is the 1 that make the PC a lot slower.

this is y i do not use vmware in my linux or my windows hard disk

ChampDog said...

Ya, I guess it depends on your purpose. Probably is more suitable for those extreme powerful machine server, then you maybe won't feel the slowness.

Anonymous said...

but for servers virtual environment, ppl now start to not use vmware for virtualisation already.

now ppl use openvz, xen and virtuozo for VPS, coz vmware sucked to much resources...

but vmware good for 1 thing, it is to test OS if u r building ur own OS

ChampDog said...

You're so up-to-date. :) I've no longer follow all these. I thought VMWare is still the best. They're the one who start first right. :)

Anonymous said...

openvz, xen and virtuozo is all for server use only, not for desktop users use.

coz i am in web hosting business also mah,
thats y i know all these, coz if i dunno, how to cari makan in the business i am doing, rite?

anyway, openvz, xen and virtuozo is all installed and controlled using commands.
there is a web based control panel called HyperVM to control openvz and XEN.

oh yeah, if u need web hosting/domain name or u wan to buy VPS/dedicated server, remember to email me.

Anonymous said...

Working in a remote support environment in a huge global LAN it worked in 95 percent of the cases.Sometimes you realy need to be patient,it can take up to some minutes.Meanwhile you should ping the remote host to see when it goes offline and online again.

Anonymous said...

I was working on Windows for a long time,but getting involved with linux at the moment.I agree as well , linux is fine , stable and reliable : )

ChampDog said...

Sorry guys, kind of busy recently.

Noted. Will contact you for domain and web hosting. Right now it is still not a necessity.

I agree with you. It is not 100% working and you need patient due the slowness. I love Linux too. It also has less viruses attack. :)

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