Sunday, May 9, 2010

Zoom In and Zoom out with Web Browser

I recently talked to a friend who very pissed off with the font size of a website. He was surprised when I showed him that the web browsers (whether is Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) in fact already have the build-in feature to allow you to zoom-in and zoom-out from a web page. I'm not sure about Safari but I suspect it should have a similar feature.

How to Zoom In and Zoom Out?

  • Zoom-In: Press and Hold "Ctrl" & "+" button or Press "Ctrl" & move "Mouse wheel Up"
  • Zoom-Out: Press and Hold "Ctrl" & "-" button or Press "Ctrl" & move "Mouse wheel Down" 
To reset to original default zoom, you need to press and hold "Ctrl" & "0".  All these work for Firefox, IE and Google Chrome except for "Ctrl" & "+" in Google Chrome. It somehow doesn't work in Google Chrome. Perhaps this is the bug in Google Chrome?

Hope this helps. It used to require to install plug-in to use this feature and now no longer needed anymore. :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Detect Duplicate Content with Copyscape

Copyscape is so far the best tool (it is a website) I have ever used to help detecting duplicate content of your website. I've been using this tool since I started blogging in few years and recently they made a video of it so now you can watch the following video for the introduction of Copyscape:

This is usually how I will you use the Copyscape once in a while to detect any losers trying to steal my content. Of course I used it for free without paying anything. This is what I did recently:

(1) I visited Copyscape and entered ""

(2) I found this loser - As you can see in the following page, it is the 100% exactly the same content of my previous post - Best 3D Chat Software - IMVU 

(3) I clicked on "Visit this page" to visit this fella to confirm and verify the page. I also clicked on the "See whois info" to see who the hell this fella is

(4) I sent an email to this fella with the tittle - "Urgent: Copyright infringement on your website (". I politely asked him to remove the content immediately and if possible without forcing me to file DMCA complaint with his web host.

It used to work for me previously and usually the webmaster will just take it off from their website. However I visited the page, the stealing content is still there after a week. Hopefully they will remove it soon.

P/S: What really surprise me is that  Google gives this website Page Rank 3? Wake up, Google! :) I think the search engine should be smart enough to detect plagiarism. What do you think?

Didn't find what you want? Use Google Search Engine below: