Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Spy Myself With Google Earth?

Google Earth is the most amazing software from Google that I have ever used. It really impressed me with this product when my colleague showed me few years ago. I recently downloaded it again from Google Earth Website and tried to spy myself using Google Earth. As far as I remember when I did it last time to zoom my apartment in Penang, the image was really so blur and wasn't clear at all. I can't even locate my apartment's building. Surprisingly, it is amazingly clear now when I try to zoom my apartment. Of course, it is not as clear as compared to the buildings in USA.

I then later try to spy on my another house at Bandar Laguna Merbok, Sungai Petani. Sadly it is not so clear. It is just like the image I saw my Penang house few years back. Hopefully, the image is going to be improved soon. Google, will you "Google Earth" my house?

The coolest part about this Google earth is not really just to spy on myself, but showing it to my parents and relatives. When I first time showed this to my relatives and parents, where my house is located from satellite view, all of them were SO IMPRESSES! That's why I feel great about it just to see them get impressed. I'm not sure if you have the same feeling with mine but this is how I feel. I feel great to show Google Earth to someone. "Wow! This is so awesome!", I like to hear this.

Of course after I've done spying myself, I will spy on others. It is the human curiosity to spy on others, don't you think so? I bet you do that too.

It raises some questions to myself after using it for sometimes. Do I use it for map? No, I don't. Do I use it for direction? No, I don't. So what do I exactly use the Google Earth for? Ya, why I use Google Earth? It is really just to spy myself or spy others? Not really? Oh boy, I finally only realized I use Google Earth is just to show off and showing off makes me feel great. Oh boy...


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