Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Structured Web Search by Yahoo

Recently Yahoo introduced a structured web search which is said to be suitable for e-commerce application (e.g. online shopping). However, I can't test it out as it seems like they haven't implemented yet in their search engine. I wonder could it be something similar to the Cluster Search Engine (Clusty). Could it be yahoo steal the concept from Clusty? Maybe something more advance than this?

So the first question you or I may ask, will Structured web Search by Yahoo can beat Google? I honestly don't know because I can't try. They just said it soon to be rolled out. If I want to give my best guess, I will say "No way, Structured Web Search by Yahoo cannot beat Google". Yes, that is only based on my feeling until I really try it out. Maybe I've already fallen in love with Google. Opss...

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