Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cluster Search Engine by Vivisimo

What search engine you're using right? Google or Yahoo? No need to say much, I bet most of you are using the Google search engine. Yes, I'm one of them.

Today I'm going to introduce you a new search engine that you may have never heard of it before. It is called Clusty. It was originally from Vivisimo company. It is a new way of searching the web. Instead of displaying a million of pages in a long list, Clusty uses a "cluster" concept to group meaningful pages together. Most importantly this cluster search engine helps you find result that you may have missed especially those results appears in the third or fourth pages of your Google or Yahoo search.

This is what you may want to do:
1. Search from Google but can't find what you want.
2. Try it out Clusty, it may hits.

Ok here come a sad news based on my personal experience, most of the case whatever I can't find in Google, I can't find it in Clusty too. Only just once in a while for certain keyword the Clusty gives me a better result than Google. Therefore, most of time I'm still using Goolge Search Engine. Why don't you experience it now? Perhaps you can share the results with me here? Doest Clusty find what you want?

Try Clusty Now! and let me know what you think.

Not to talk about the result, the cluster concept is very impressive. It could be next generation of search engine. Both Google and Yahoo will adopt it one day...


UofT 1st Year said...

Interesting post! I'll definitely try look into it more!

Thanks for sharing~

ChampDog said...

Thanks, you're welcome. Let me know what you think about it. It is really an awesome concept. Just remember in case one day you can't find the things that you want in normal search engine, just give him a try. :)

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